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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Tagebuch is divided into seven major sections: Glossar, Alchemie, Inventar, Weltkarte, Quests, Charakter und, Meditation

Journal sections[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Glossary The Glossary section is comprised of four subsections: Bestiary, Tutorial, Characters and Crafting.
Bestiarium The Bestiarium subsection contains a list of all known creatures, sorted by class: Beasts, Cursed ones, Draconids, Elementa, Hybrids, Insectoids, Necrophages, Ogroids, Relicts, Specters and Vampires
Tutorial The Tutorial subsection contains a list of all tutorials that have been posted onscreen, sorted by category.
Charaktere The Charaktere subsection contains a list of the major NPCs Geralt has encountered, heard or read about, sorted alphabetically. Minor NPCs are not listed here.
Handwerk The Handwerk subsection contains a list of all the Handwerk-Schemas sorted by broad category: Boots, Chest armor, Crafting components, Crossbow, Crossbow bolt, Gauntlets, Silver swords, Steel swords, Trousers, Junk, Upgrades.
Alchemie The Alchemie section contains a list of all Rezepte, sorted by type: Substanzen (including Mutagene), Alkohol, Bomben, Absude, Öle, Tränke und Quests (alchemical quest items like Tschortköder und Popssporengegengift).
Weltkarte The Weltkarte section opens centered on Geralt's current location but permits navigation to section. The map is also used for Schnellreisen.
Quests The Quests section contains a list of all quests sorted by type: Main quests, Secondary quests, Contracts, Treasure hunts, completed quests and failed quests. Also, on the main journal screen, the currently active quest is shown on the lower left side of the screen along with the current objective from that quest.
Charakter The Charakter section is where the player can allocate Ability points which allow Geralt to progress in his skills.
Meditation The Meditation section is where the player can set the length of time Geralt will meditate. During meditation, bombs, oils, potions and decoctions are replenished. As well, on Normal or Easy mode, Geralt's health is restored. For higher levels of difficulty, it is not.