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Leckermaul ist eine dunkelgrau und schwarz gestreifte Katze mit durchdringenden gelben Augen. Sie taucht an verschiedenen Stellen in unterschiedlichen Schlüsselszenen im Computerspiel The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt auf, sowohl in Oxenfurt, Toussaint oder Novigrad als auch auf Skellige.

Katzen zeichnen sich in der Hexerwelt von Andrzej Sapkowski dadurch aus, dass sie magische Quellen und Orte der Macht spüren können und sich gern dort aufhalten. Andererseits mögen sie keine Hexer, die sie bei einer Begegnung mit Katzenbuckel anfauchen oder gleich das Weite suchen. In The Witcher 3 reagieren diese Tiere ebenfalls so auf Hexer. - Nicht so Leckermaul. Diese Katze flüchtet weder vor Geralt von Riva noch zeigt sie irgendeine Zu- oder Abneigung gegen ihn.

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“The truth is Nibbles was born as a filmmaking trick due to a technical necessity that came up,” reveals CD Projekt Red cinematic artist, Kajetan Kapuściński.
“When Nibbles first appears in the Family Matters questline, Tamara Strenger is walking down a set of stairs before meeting with Geralt for the first time, and we needed a diversion for that short period of time. So I sat down with one of the quest designers and we added a cat sitting on a table to the scene. We had it play a small role where it would interact with Geralt by exchanging stares with the Witcher, distracting players as Tamara would descend the staircase.”
Like many cats, Nibbles proved inexplicably endearing once the team got to know him. “To this day we have no idea who named the cat Nibbles, but we liked the end result so much that it became an inside joke in cinematics department. So we gave it a few more roles to play,” says Kapuściński.
“We never expected the few appearances it makes in Wild Hunt to be noticed, but we’re happy for Nibbles that they were. We’ve put that cat through a lot of life-threatening situations and it’s been there as a brave observer of Geralt’s story unfolding before players. Nibbles might not be part of some bigger plan, or a cursed character, or a mage practising the art of polymorphy. But he’s our little actor that started out small, and, through hard work, has managed to become the star of its own little internet legend. We couldn’t be any prouder of Nibbles!”[1]

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