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Witcher 3 Vulpine Woods (2).jpg
Birch trees, tree stumps from afar, and a woodcutter.
Northwestern area of White Orchard

The Fuchswald is a forest that occupies the northwest part of Weißgarten region in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As the name suggests, many (a pack with a warg) Wolf prowl there. Furthermore, there is also a group of nekkers; specifically south from the sawmill. Both hunt rabbits and deer, or kill each other if they encounter one another.

Most of the trees are Birken, and many of them have beehives. North of the forest is the swamp surrounding the south Nilfgaardische Garnison.

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Witcher 3 Vulpine Woods.jpg

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  • If one is capable, one can acquire many blue or rare green mutagens from killing all the Nekker .
  • In the game, Wolf and Nekker kill their prey but do not eat them; so it is also a good place to get Rehhaut, Hasenfell, and Rohes Fleisch for early game Kronen and Essen.