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Iron claw? Where was that said? And why is he in box with kings? --— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 16:42, 22. Aug. 2016 (UTC)

"... in box with kings" - what should this be, I don't see it in the text? — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 21:57, 22. Aug. 2016 (UTC)
Template that can be seen on pages about Bran and other Skellige rulers --— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 15:00, 12. Sep. 2016 (UTC)
Well, he got a piece of Skellige, founded a clan - isn't he a kind of first ruler? The header of this template sais "rulers and kings of Skellige", it is still "work in progress", as I created only one article for Grymmdjarr. If you believe he and his five brothers weren't the first rulers, you can edit it anytime. — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 16:13, 12. Sep. 2016 (UTC)
I see what you mean, generally the quote from Kaer Trolde map description (Grymmdjarr wanted a way to watch over all of Skellige to ensure no harm would come to his brothers) sound trully "kingy". Just was confused at first :) --— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 19:54, 13. Sep. 2016 (UTC)